Bonjour! I am an american studying in Slovakia at the Medical Faculty of Comenius. I love horses, mostly training in dressage but starting jumping. I currently ride two stallions- Fall and Vil. I enjoy many TV shows: GoT, Sherlock, Hannibal, horror movies, funny shows, comedies- you name it and I will enjoy it. I'm just getting by. I love taking care of myself- nutrition and fitness are very important and interesting to moi!





im so fucked up over the fact that some countries have free college

and free healthcare 

Kinda like their government acknowledges that those are rights not privileges

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“Mr. Wonka: “Don’t forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he wanted.”
Charlie Bucket: “What happened?”
Mr. Wonka: “He lived happily ever after.”

Roald Dahl (via kushandwizdom)